About us

Meeting point among artists.

The Escuela Internacional PABLO IBARLUZEA International School is a space for Scenic Creation and Research. Meeting place among artists from different disciplines and a place of searching for new languages. We believe that diversity represents the richness of the encounter and we encourage the interaction of different universes.


Our students come from very different artistic paths and from areas such as Theater, Dance, Circus, Fine Arts, Pedagogy… They are united by concern and curiosity and they contribute their different visions, enriching the encounter among artists.


Our trainings offer a vivid experience and an organic approach to Art. They are also oriented to people from different disciplines who are interested in the Space and Movement work such as Architects, Stage Directors, Choreographers, Painters, etc. Who are looking to expand their creative capabilities and find different ways to apply their knowledge.

Without leaving aside training in styles, our pedagogy focuses on training artists-creators capable of varying and mixing languages, always putting style at the service of their proposals. Use these styles as tools as tools in order to communicate what they want in a more efficient way in each creation.


We offer courses with variable duration, as the Weekend intensive workshops where students will have a first contact with our pedagogy, or our International Laboratory: “Physical Theater, Masks and Clown”, and that since 2008 welcomes students from more than 15 countries, until the C.E.C: “Body, Space, Devising”, our 6-month intensive training (+ 600h).


The Escuela Internacional PABLO IBARLUZEA International School is established in Bilbao but maintains its international vocation. Our pedagogical team, very active culturally, seeks to put different realities in contact. We want to serve as a meeting platform between the concerns of local and foreign artists.

Escuela Internacional PABLO IBARLUZEA International School

Pedagogical Team

We count with a multidisciplinary pedagogical team with an extensive experience in different fields that will provide a rich and varied knowledge to our different trainings.


Actor, Director and Theater Pedagogue graduated from École International de Théâtre JACQUES LECOQ (Paris) and...


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Pablo Ibarluzea

Pedagogical director. Improvisation and styles.

Graduated in Classical Dance from the Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Art and Dance of Valencia. She completes her training in different contemporary dance ...


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Bego Krego

Dance and Movement.

Martial arts Master. He runs nine Mugendo (self defense) schools, competes internationally and teaches courses around the world....


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Jesus Mª Platón

Martial arts and Presence.
Jemima Cano

Trained in audiovisual communication and cultural production, Jemima has spent her entire life undertaking cultural projects....


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Jemima Cano

Production and Cultural Self-Management.

Ikerne studied History at the University of Deusto of Bilbao and she is graduated in Scenography from the RESAD of Madrid. As scenography and costume designer...


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Ikerne Giménez

Costumes and Scenic Space.
nerea recortada

With a professional base in the Basque Country, she began her theatrical training in the amateur theater group "Kili Kolo" in Eibar in 1998...


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Nerea Ariznabarreta

Movement analysis.

She is a creator and multidisciplinary researcher, she explores the confluence field between Performing and Visual Arts,....


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Iratxe Hernández Simal

Study of materials and Fine arts.

Bego Peñaranda

Physical preparation and acrobatics.

Barbara begins her artistic life as an ice skater 11 years ago; from there she made the leap to the circus studying at the Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona...


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Barbara Govan

Physical preparation and acrobatics.