Barbara GOVAN

Physical preparation and acrobatics.

Barbara begins her artistic life as an ice skater 11 years ago; from there she made the leap to the circus studying at the Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona, and then she continued her studies at the Escuela de Circo Carampa in Madrid, where she discovered disciplines such as aerials, balancing, acrobatics in couple, as well as contemporary dance and theater.


In Madrid, she specialized as a tightrope acrobat, taking private vertical lessons with Vasily Protsenko and attending intensive courses with Pascal Angelier from the Le Lido circus school in Toulouse. At the same time, she continued studying aerial techniques, doing research on the fixed trapeze and the hoop. After her pregnancy, she began to study the Pilates method as a fundamental complement to the circus.


Barbara has participated in big productions both at the national and international level. At the same time, she creates her own shows in which she combines the classic experiences of skating and the contemporary of the new circus. She participates in different festivals and events, and collaborates with companies such as Kanbahiota Trup, Bambolea and Maintomano among others.