“Physical Theater, Masks & Clown”

Theater is action, verb…

The International Laboratory is mainly oriented to actors and actresses but, due to its heterogeneous and transversal structure, it is a training which is also addressed to any other person related to different areas of the Performing Arts as well as for others whose researches are related to the study of the Body, Space and Movement.


It is our most prestigious and internationally recognized activity. In its previous editions we have had students from different nationalities: France, England, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, USA, Australia, Palestine, Sweden, Holland, India, Germany, Israel…


This mixture of different cultures and nationalities, and the different profiles of the attendees, enable that the International Laboratory fulfills, edition after edition, the objective for which it was created in 2008: to create a research space that promotes the encounter among artists from very different universes.


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The International Laboratory is presented in the form of a journey through the different masks. They will serve us as spatial structures and forms that propose styles and rhythms to our body. The difference between the Movement qualities of each one helps us discover different bodies and different characters, different styles and forms of expression.


To understand the lines and forces that operate in Space and how to use them to generate emotions, characters and situations, we will rely on the analysis of structures, shapes and volumes, first in a simple way and progressively with more complexity. Our body will be gradually integrating, in an organic way, the fundamental concepts of Movement and Space. We will then be able to face different styles with ease and creativity.


We will take a tour from the most abstract forms of Mask, which will allow us to get a more creative and poetic work until the most characterized ones that will demand us to define the rules of the scenic game. We will go through: Neutral Mask, Larval Mask, the Mask objects and utility Masks, Full or character Expressive Masks (¹), the Half Masks (Commedia and Bali Masks) (¹) and, finally, the smaller Mask: The Clown’s red nose. Students will go on a journey that will take them from the universality and balance of the Neutral Mask to the individuality and imbalance of the Clown. From the search for the Neutral Movement to that of self-ridicule.



(¹) WhichBoth full expressive masks and Half  Masks will be created by the students themselves during the workshop.

                          «Bases of our pedagogy»


2nd Week         NEUTRAL MASK:
                           «Silence and action»


3rd Week          LARVAL MASKS:
                            «Volumes and Dramatic Space»


4th Week           FULL EXPRESSIVE MASKS:
                            «Character and Situation»


5th Week           HALF MASKS – HUMAN COMEDY:
                            «Emotions and Passions»


6th Week           CLOWN:

                            «The pleasure of being ridiculous»

It is extended throughout 6 weeks of intensive work, 5 days a week during 5 hours of work a day (TOTAL: 150 teaching hours) in the morning, plus some hours dedicated to construct their own Expressive masks (²). The sessions will begin with physical activity (Acrobatics, Pilates, warm-up …) to activate the body. Then we will continue with the analysis of the Movement and finally the part of the study of the language and the game of Masks will come in the part dedicated to improvisation.


Simultaneously, and at different times of the day, we will integrate the application of these tools through small creations and collective presentations, which will take place continuously during the course and allow attendees to have a practical and effective approach.


The work is based on two axes: Improvisation and Analysis of Movement.

IMPROVISATION is at the base of every creative process. It makes visible what is inside and allows us to know our own poetic universe. Through the game of situations and scenic proposals we will exercise the liberation of the first impulse, of the non-calculated response. This will be later analyzed in a collective way to promote the analytical capacity of the student. Promoting this critical / constructive spirit in the student means to provide tools in order to be self-sufficient in his/her future projects

MOVEMENT ANALYSIS encourages precision in students’ proposals and improves their body-spatial consciousness and their expressive abilities. It will allow them to recognize the necessary body impulses and motors for the creation of characters and/or situations. Working with phrases or sequences of Movement teaches us to be capable of assimilating “external” structures that are foreign to us, an indispensable basis for the creation of characters.

This work will be accompanied by the STUDY OF THE SPACE. The knowledge of the laws and forces that operate in the space is necessary to understand and locate all of the above. We will recognize the directions of passions, emotions, and characters in the space. We will investigate how tensions are organized in a scene, between two characters, during the game of a situation. We will learn the influence that the space has on our body and how we can use it as a tool for our creations.

Collective Creation:

Collective creation is also a fundamental part of the International Laboratory. Students will be constantly confronted with processes of collective creation during the course. This will force them to search for solutions to the problems that they are finding, sometimes as individuals and sometimes with the support of their peers.


The student thus learns to propose and defend their own ideas and also to accept the different proposals of others. This exchange of ideas is necessary in the creative process. In addition to bringing perspective to our creative work, it helps us to analyze the work and promotes a critical spirit. The course is attended each year by students from all over the world, enriching this exchange among artists in an incalculable way.

(²) Mask creation workshop:

During the 3rd and 4th week, in free hours in the afternoons, the students will have at their disposal a space-workshop for the construction of their own masks (Whole expressive Masks and Half Masks), which they will then use on stage. This workshop helps attendees to apply their knowledge about the Movement and the Volumes in a foreign element to their own body, bringing a new perspective to their look on the process of Movement searching and studying.

The aim of the workshop:

We seek to train the actor-creator, capable of look for his sources of inspiration, knowledgeable of the different tools provided by the study of Movement and the use of the Space and the way to transpose all this knowledge to his stage proposals. We want to train actors capable of being self-sufficient in their work, both for the creation of a character and for a scene or show.


Every year we have students from various nationalities. This international character of the course helps us to recognize the universality of the laws of the Movement. We will learn to recognize/differentiate local and universal expressions. When we are able to recognize a universal emotion we are touching the common poetic background. It is at this point where we want to impact.


The course is based on body work. The body as a primary means of expression. We work from the provocation and the absence of means to look for a theater that is interesting for the audience without means of artifice. The actor must be able to interest the audience by facing “naked” to them, with the simple use of his body as the main means of expression.

Oriented to:

The International Laboratory, due to its heterogeneous content dedicated to the study of the bases of Movement, it is a training addressed to anyone related to the Performing Arts (Actors and actresses, Directors, Stage designers, Playwrights, Dancers, Choreographers, Pedagogues, Puppeteers, Acrobats and others come from the field of Circus…) as well as others who come from other fields related to the study of the Body, Space and Movement (Painters, Architects, Gymnasts…)


Course oriented to people over 20 years old.

Have a minimum level of physical fitness and have no mobility problems.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows movement.



Actor, Director, Playwright and Theater Pedagogue with extensive experience in the international field. Graduated from École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq (Paris) and Estudis Escénics El Timbal (Barcelona). Professor of Movement, Clown and Neutral Mask at l’École Philippe Gaulier (Paris).

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She is graduated in Classical Dance from the Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Art and Dance of Valencia. She completes her training in different contemporary dance techniques with Peter Goos, Saburo Tesiwaguara, Carmen Werner, Cesc Gelabert and David Zambrano and others. She completes her training in flamenco courses with Elvira de Andrés, creative dance with Eric Tharmes, African dance with Koffi Koko and Afro-Cuban with Arnaldo Patterson.

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Practical information:


To submit your candidature, send us your CV accompanied by a short covering/motivation letter.

You can fill in our registration form or send us an email to pabloibarluzea@gmail.com and we will contact you.


From August –th to October –th 2023 (BILBAO)


Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 (Total: 25 hours per week)(¹)


12 places.



The International Laboratory has a duration of 6 weeks that are divided according to the subject matter. It can be done as a whole course or for individual weeks chosen by the attendees. The greater the number of weeks chosen, the lower the price per week:


          1 Week:            210€

          2 Weeks:          415€

          3 Weeks:          615€

          4 Weeks:          810€

          5 Weeks:        1,000€

          6 Weeks:        1,185€


We offer ACCOMMODATION (²) to people coming from abroad who complete the 6-week course.


OFFER:   Enjoy 50% discount if you bring someone with you.


(¹) During the 3rd and 4th week, in free hours in the afternoons, attendees will sculpt their own masks (Whole expressive Masks and Half Masks) and create some of the elements necessary for their creations at the space-workshop put at their disposal with all the materials included. So at certain times during the course, they will need to spend a few hours (free hours) out of this programmed schedule.


The masks created by the students will be used during the 4th and the 5th week. Those registered for these two weeks in a separate way can decide if they create their own masks or prefer to use the ones the School owns. If they want to build their masks in our workshop-space they will have to asume an extra cost for the materials used. The cost for one week will be 20€ and for two weeks 35€. (The students taking the whole 6 weeks of the Laboratory have this costs already covered by the fee they paid).


 (²) Only for inscriptions before August 1st. Accommodation places are LIMITED to 4 students and will be granted in strict order of registration, taking as a reference the date of entry of the registration, and giving priority to those people whose travel time to the place of the course is greater than 1 hour.

Food is not included.

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