Jemima Cano

Production and Cultural Self-Management.

Trained in audiovisual communication and cultural production, Jemima has spent her entire life undertaking cultural projects and managing teams and activities. At the age of 17, she launched her created amateur theater company, at 23 she manages three restaurants and more than 35 people, at 28 she creates a record company, and at 30 she moves to Bilbao and works in theater and dance. She highlights in her activity as the head of the management of the Catalan group Ojos de Brujo, a fact that opened her the doors for self-management and the international market, as well as her accompaniment work for cultural entities and artists in the Basque Country.


Co-Founder with Eva Guerrero of DOOS Colectivo where she combines dance production and public projects, she has also worked since 2013 in the management of Sala Baratza, a creation factory in Gasteiz. In recent years she has been responsible for dance activities from Espacio Punto de Fuga, and collaborates with institutions such as the Bilbao City Council, the Karrikan network, Artekale or ADDE.


Her pedagogical side focuses on training artists and cultural agents in management, administration, production and any tool at our disposal that gives viability to artistic projects. She has taught in Iruña, Barcelona, Bilbao, Errenteria and Gasteiz.