Pablo Ibarluzea

Pedagogical director. Improvisation and styles.

Actor, Director and Theater Pedagogue graduated from École International de Théâtre JACQUES LECOQ (Paris) and Estudis Escénics EL TIMBAL (Barcelona) and trained in Clown with PHILIPPE GAULIER (Paris) at whose school he later went on to teach lessons of Movement, Clown and Neutral Mask.


In 2008 he founded YINdeYAN in Laudio-Llodio, where he teaches international training courses on Physical/Gestural Theater, Masks and Clown. He has also taught various courses internationally.


His professional career, mainly linked to Physical/Gestural Theater, improvisation and the language of masks in collective creation processes, has led him to work in Spain, France, Ireland, Belgium, England, Holland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Poland and the Czech Republic.


His work as a director is mainly focused on shows created from collective creation processes, and has directed shows for “Cirque de Legume” (Clown/Ireland) (Special Jury Prize at the 1st Irish Festival in New York and Bewleys Theater Award at the best show at the Dublin Fringe Festival), «Esperanza Desubicada» (Argentina), «Ginno&Foggy» (Italy), «The Gazpacho Brothers» (France), «Burbulhas» (Brazil), «Guruguru» (Barcelona) «Cia En La Lona» (Basque Country), «Cia. Sombra y Ficción» (Madrid) etc. He has provided his artistic advice as well for various companies internationally.


He has recently directed or collaborated regionally in the direction of several Circus shows such as «Sin Miedo» by Maintomano, «RAR» by Balusca Circus and «EGO» by Dikothomia Cia (Award for the best show in Euskadi at the XX UMORE Azoka de Leioa).


In the Basque Country he directed «Konpota» (Dxusturi Teatroa), the first translation into Basque of the text «La compote de…» by Philippe Gaulier, «GODOT» (free version of the classic by Beckett, Laboratory for the creation of Pavilion No. 6) and «Lapurminak/Amigos con derecho a robo» for the Cia. Tornado, «Zerura Eroria» for Anodino Teatroa and «Mr. Pichichi» by the Cia. Philo&Jole (Award for the best show in Euskadi at the XVII UMORE AZOKA in Leioa).


As an actor, it is worth highlighting his work in the mask show «AMOUR» winner of the 2017 MAX Award for the best family show, the FETEN Award for the best show and the Ercilla Award for the best Basque production.


Also as a Clown in the European tour of the show «DRALION» of the prestigious CIRQUE DU SOLEIL.